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Most of our products are natural, delicious and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals (no evidence that milk can make you healthy, but can be a part of a healthy diet) (filled milk powder is not natural as there are oil and soy lecithin and in addition we add vitamins and minerals to all powders which is not natural) . Every glass of milk, every cup of coffee, every birthday cake or every cereal you dish up tastes differently with Dano.


  • Aug142017

    13 Great Foods To Eat To Get You A Beautiful Skin


    Did you know that your skin is the window to your body and some certain foods can work wonders on your skin? It’s no secret that what you eat not…

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  • Aug142017

    13 Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips to a Healthier You


    Have you ever heard of the term “wellness”, and you just assumed it’s something beyond your reach? Or perhaps you thought wellness is only for the sick — and not…

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What We Believe

We know the importance of good health and we are committed to bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family.


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