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Nutrition you demand, good milk you deserve!

Always Pure, Nutritious, and Fresh! We guarantee milk of supreme quality. So enjoy your meal with DANO today!

What We Believe

We know the importance of good health and we are committed to bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family.


Cooking Tips

There’s nothing like fresh milk added to a meal, to give it a rich, delicious flavor. We have lots of recipe ideas to share! Let’s get started.

  • Oct122016

    Savory, Creamy Corn Cereal Pap

    Pap is a popular meal in most Nigerian homes, especially for breakfasts.…

  • Sep272016

    Savory Grilled Chicken & Veggie Pancake Wrap

    Pancake is a famous breakfast world over. It can be made with…

  • Sep272016

    Cornbread served with Chicken Pepper Soup

    Take a step outside the norm and have a bite of this…

  • Sep272016

    Easy Fruit Salad with Milk Dressing

    Fruits are great for our health. Fortified with large amounts of important…

  • Sep272016

    Sweet Custard Bread Pudding

    Custard bread pudding is the ultimate comfort food and is mostly served…

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