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Most of our products are natural, delicious and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals . Every glass of milk, every cup of coffee, every birthday cake or every cereal you dish up tastes differently with Dano.


  • Nov152017

    10 Tips on how to Relate to your Child

    It’s not unusual that your cute, cuddly little child, who was once so willing to climb into your laps and share secrets with you suddenly finds it hard to get…

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  • Nov152017

    10 Reason Why Junk Food Are Not Healthy For Kids

    Do you look at junk foods sometimes and you just can’t help but salivate? Junk foods, though low in nutritional value – are usually packed to look colourful and attractive…

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We know the importance of good health and we are committed to bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family.