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Most of our products are natural, delicious and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals . Every glass of milk, every cup of coffee, every birthday cake or every cereal you dish up tastes differently with Dano.


  • Sep162019
    kids physical activity

    10 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Active

    One of the greatest gifts you can pass on to your children is the love of physical activity. Besides, the earlier, the better. Participating in physical activity from an early…

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  • Sep132019
    Saying No to your child

    9 Tips on Saying ‘No’ to Your Child

    It takes a while in the development of a child to foster good morals and have a general sense of responsibility. Till then, you must keep them in check by…

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We know the importance of good health and we are committed to bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family.