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Most of our products are natural, delicious and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals . Every glass of milk, every cup of coffee, every birthday cake or every cereal you dish up tastes differently with Dano.


  • Jan252019
    Mindful Eating

    10 Tips For Mindful Eating

    On the journey to living a healthier lifestyle, you have most likely learned so much about what to eat and what not to. But how much do you know about…

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  • Jan252019
    Stay Fit

    8 Simple Ways to Stay Fit Regardless of Your Busy Schedule

    Fitness doesn’t just mean being physically fit, it also refers to a person’s mental wellbeing. If a person is physically fit but is troubled or mentally unwell, such a person…

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What We Believe

We know the importance of good health and we are committed to bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family.