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10 Reason Why Junk Food Are Not Healthy For Kids

10 Reason Why Junk Food Are Not Healthy For Kids

Do you look at junk foods sometimes and you just can’t help but salivate?

Junk foods, though low in nutritional value – are usually packed to look colourful and attractive that you find it almost impossible to resist – especially kids, they crave junk foods more than nutritious food.

However, even though junk foods are enticing and mouth-watering, they are fatty and have little or no nutritional value needed for the normal growth in children.

Besides, they are mostly processed and not healthy for kids, as well as for adults.

Here, we’ve taken time to provide you with 10 reasons why junk foods are not healthy for kids:


More often than not, when children eat or snack on more of junk foods than they eat nutritious food, they may gain more than the normal weight required for their age or become obese.

Importantly, keep in mind that obesity in children may exceed childhood if their diet are not carefully monitored.

Always make sure to feed your child with more nutritious food and make junk foods occasional.


If you are concerned about your child’s health, then it’s time you start avoiding those fatty and low nutrient foods.

As earlier mentioned, junk foods are not so rich in nutrient. Most of them are high in cholesterol which are harmful to the body.

As a matter of fact, most of them are processed, flavoured with artificial sweetener and coloured to make them look irresistible. Nevertheless, all these additives do not help in aiding the normal growth in children.

Children need nutritious foods like fish, milk, eggs etc. as much as possible to aid their proper development and growth of their body.


We all know that learning new things can be very exciting and fun for kids, but if the basic nutrient they need are lacking in their diet, it will likely affect their brain health.

Healthy foods like vegetables, milk, fish and eggs should be substituted for  junk foods.


Junk foods are so appealing to the sight and mouth-watering that it is almost impossible for kids to resist not having a bite – especially when it’s well garnished and seasoned.

Notwithstanding, too much of everything is bad. Excess consumption of junk foods can make your child’s appetite insatiable – even to the extent where you as a parent may find it difficult to control their constant winning and disturbance for junk food.

More so, they may also develop the habit of always choosing junk foods in place of healthy foods.


Self- esteem is very important in every growing child.

When a child becomes obese as a result of much consumption of junk food, it may result in low self-esteem -that is, the child begins to feel inferior due to his or her body size.

However, low self-esteem can lead to depression – which in turn can have a negative effect on their performance in school and relationship with their peer groups.


It is true junk foods sometimes satisfies. Regardless, it does not provide kids with the immediate energy they need.

Also, it can sometimes reduce their energy level and make it difficult for them to play – and perform their daily Task.


Since most junk foods are high in sugar and sweeteners, it makes children to crave for more often.

It is important to note that the high content of sugar present in junks if taken excessively, can increase the sugar level in a child beyond the normal amount required by the body – thereby causing fluctuation in their body sugar level.


Junk foods that are high in sugar when frequently consumed can cause oral problems like tooth decay and gum irritation.

Most likely, children with dental problems may find it difficult to sleep. They are more likely to have a constant headache which can lead to lack concentration in the classroom.

If children have dental problems in early in life, it will most probably persist beyond childhood.


Junk foods contain low fibre. The less fibre your child consume, the more prone they are to having constipation.

However, constipation causes stomach discomfort and frequent stooling. When kids suffer constipation, it will disturb the overall comfort of their body and they may not be able to run around and play with friends.

Constipation may occur frequently at night and of course, it will disrupt their sleeping at night.

Besides, when a child does not sleep well at night, it will affect the child in the morning – making them cranky and grumpy.


After childhood comes teenage-hood – which comes along with puberty of which may include pimples, acne and other facial outbreak amongst other development.

However, excess consumption of junk food can also give rise to these facial outbreaks, especially when fatty foods are eaten in excess.

The cholesterol accumulated in the body from eating junks can spike facial reactions when a child enters the puberty stage. Notably, healthy eating can reduce facial outbreak like pimples and acne.

Nevertheless, healthy eating shouldn’t just start overnight in your child’s teenage years, it should start as early as they are little – up till the time they hit puberty and beyond.

Above all, junk foods should not have a say in your children’s health. You should always try to feed your kids with healthy foods and avoid trans fatty foods – because they can contribute to various forms of health problems in later years.

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