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If you are a parent and you want to learn how to creatively make time for your kids, then you may want to dive into this.

More often than not as a parent, you get so busy with your job, personal goals, and responsibilities that you end up having very little time to spend with your kids.

Irrespective of this, being part of your kids’ life should be a priority because it’s one of the greatest and memorable gifts you can ever offer your kids. Plus it’s one of the special ways you can get to know your kids adequately.

So, regardless of your busy schedule, it’s needful to spend quality time with your kids, and also engage them in activities.

By so doing, you get to you where to correct their lapses and in return, they will help you see the real you.

Besides, your time and devotion are more essential compared to the cash spent on toys, outing, and social events.

Need creative ways on how you can spend time with your kids every day and turn those moments into memorial one?

Not to worry, here are 10 creative ways to make your wish come through.

1. Disconnect

This is just as simple as disconnecting from your laptop, phones, and giving your kids your undivided attention.

Try as much as possible to have a deep conversation with them about happenings in their lives and give them the chance to say whatever is on their minds or hearts.

Those conversations will go a long way in their personal lives – help you get to know them more, and forge a stronger relationship with them.

On the contrary, when you don’t make enough time for kids, they have the tendency to grow above attentions and become independent as they get older. Once this happens, they may start doing things without your assistance and become independent without your parental guidance.

2. Capture cherished moments with your kids

Kids love surprises. Make it a point to do something unique to express your love towards them.

Show them know how much you cherish them by doing the little things that count. Drop written notes for them, either on the table, their lunch box or under their pillow, especially for older kids.

It doesn’t end there, show them affection by giving them kisses and hugs especially the younger ones. You can also make a short video clip using a camera for them when having their breakfast.

It makes them feel loved and cared for.

3. Involve your kids in your “TO DO LIST”

Kids love helping.

Involving them in your house chore activities is a great way to make time for your kids. Have a fun time with them while at it. let them help you with things like laundry, cooking in the kitchen and grocery shopping.

On the plus side, giving your kids role to play makes them feel important and useful.

Importantly, be sure to make every chore a lesson for them.

4. Read together

Spend at least, 30 minutes reading each night with your kids, it’s a great way to have quality time with them.

Or you can as well take them to the library.

Either way, simply let them choose a book they would like to read, then share and discuss ideas together.

This alone will help you know your kids’ reading capability and get you corrected them.

5. Learn how to say yes as possible as you can

Sometimes, saying a “yes” to your kids is a way of making them feel important, bold, and relaxed.

Each time your response is yes to your kids, it gives them the feeling of importance and the confidence to always ask for what they want – instead of asking from someone else.

On the contrary, saying “No” to them may be interpreted as rejection and put them in a defensive position.

So when your kids need your help, refrain from telling them “No I’m busy with works”, instead, say “yes, as soon as I’m done with my work”.

However, this doesn‘t mean you should accept everything.  

6. Have meal time together

Obviously, mealtime is an important time you should spend with your kids.

It’s an opportunity for you to pay special attention to your kids’ dining etiquettes and get to know their favorite meal.

Advisably, avoid distractions like gadgets and focus completely on your kids.

This special time will make your kids feel happier and relaxed.

7. Connect During Car Drives

Car drive is one of the creative ways you can pay attention, connect and bond with your kids.

Sing songs, play word games, have a talk with them. Even when they are just talking and playing with each other, listen to them and enjoy their conversation.

You will get to know them better through their chat.

8. Have A Special Night

make time for your kids

 Special night with kids is another way of connecting with your kids.

Turn your kitchen into a bar or an eatery once a week and enjoy a special meal that will excite your kids.

You can strike up conversation around the table and get them to share their news at the table.

9. Make Time Together

Every month, make time to for your kids by spending a few hours outside your home with them.

Pack lunches for everyone for a little picnic, visit a museum, a theme park, a water adventure park, or you can just choose a nice spot to relax together.

It doesn’t matter where you eat lunch with them, what matters is you are all having fun together and a special time with your kids.

10. Have a regular Bedtime with them

Bedtime presents a wonderful opportunity to make time for your kids.

You get to read together, play, discuss, and listen to them. Tell them stories about yourself, how they behave when they were still much younger.

Be sure to bedtime fun for them and make them always long to have this special time with you.

Above all, time with your kids is so valuable. There is an endless list of things you can do to spend quality time with your kids. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or how much time you spend with your kids, what counts most is the quality.

Nonetheless, we hope that you put these tips into practice, and realize that making time for your kids is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your kids.

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