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Dano World Milk Day 2024 Campaign: There’s Nothing Like Milk

Dano World Milk Day 2024 Campaign: There’s Nothing Like Milk

A “Nice” musician once said “Photocopy, ko easy” which literally means “imitating the real thing is never an easy task”. This is what the Dano Milk brand is communicating with its World Milk Day campaign, 2024 edition.

The Nigerian dairy market is witnessing a significant rise in creamers, tea whiteners and other inferior powders parading as milk. This rise is due to their presumed affordability caused by the current economic downturn. These products have made several nutritional compromises leading to their low cost and do not qualify to be called milk. In response to this, Dano Milk Nigeria is reiterating its commitment to advocating for quality nutrition.

The leading dairy company in Nigeria developed and executed their annual World Milk Day campaign themed: “Nothing Like Milk”; to enlighten people about the unmatched nutritional benefits of milk over subpar alternatives that offer little to no nutritional value to the body.

Through a series of engaging digital activities and exciting offline events, The World Milk Day campaign, 2024 edition highlighted the importance of choosing quality milk for a nourished and healthy life.


Digital Engagement: #DanoMilkOclock Challenge


At the heart of this year’s activity was the #DanoMilkOclock challenge, a digital engagement activity that brought together notable influencers and milk lovers. The challenge featured a variety of fun tasks designed to showcase the versatility and goodness of Dano Milk.

Rechael Okonkwo, a popular Nollywood actress kicked off the challenge with a call for participants to take a milky selfie enjoying Dano Milk, either alone or with loved ones. This simple yet delightful task encouraged people to share their milk moments and spread the love for Dano.

To keep the momentum going, the young and talented TikToker, Jenny Frank added a dose of energy and fun with her task. Participants were asked to create an exciting video dancing and vibing to Dano milk’s radio jingle using her dance routine.

DiaryOfAKitchenLover, popularly known as Chef T also challenged her followers to make a simple milk-based recipe that could be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. This task highlighted the versatility of Dano Milk in everyday meals, inspiring delicious and mouthwatering recipes.

Aproko Doctor brought a unique angle to the challenge to drive the message home. He asked participants to make a short video explaining why they deserve quality milk. They were also asked to make a pledge to always #GoForMilk, ending with a sip of Dano Milk. This task emphasised the importance of choosing quality nutrition and making a commitment to better health.

The Milky Poetry task rounded off the digital activities, inviting participants to express their love for Dano in a short poem. People were encouraged to write about the goodness of Dano Milk in the comments, leading to loads of heartfelt and creative entries celebrating milk’s role in their lives. Who knew we had so many wordsmiths in Nigeria?


An Exciting Milky Celebration at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos.


The fun in digital space was just the beginning. The World Milk Day celebration continued with an exciting mall activation at Ikeja City Mall for two straight days – Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd, 2024.

The event was a delightful mix of milky enjoyment and family-friendly activities. Attendees indulged in delicious milky meals, met their favourite celebrities, and participated in various games and went home with exciting prizes. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, fun, and a shared love for Dano Milk.



World Milk Day Rally & Market Activations

In addition to the digital activities and mall activation, there was a vibrant World Milk Day rally around the streets of Lagos. This ensured that the message of quality nutrition reached a wider audience.

The campaign also featured market activations among other engaging offline activities in the East, West and Northern regions of Nigeria, bringing the celebration closer to communities across the country.




Dano milk’s “Nothing Like Milk” World Milk Day campaign successfully advocated for quality milk showcasing its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through a series of engaging activities and events, Dano reminded everyone why there truly is #NothingLikeMilk.

As we reflect on the memorable moments from World Milk Day 2024, let’s continue to choose quality milk and embrace the goodness of Dano.

Here’s to many more milky moments ahead!

Happy World Milk Day!

From Your Favourite Nourishment Partner,
Dano Milk.

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