Top Quality Instant Filled Milk

Dano Cool Cow is a quality blend of milk and high-quality vegetable oil and significant amounts of exclusive nutrients such as Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin D3 to serve you and your family a natural, low-fat alternative to your dairy needs while still giving you the chance to enjoy the creaminess milk has to offer.

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Do More with Dano Cool Cow

Dano Cool Cow is a nourishing serving option that makes an enriching supplement for your breakfast and even the rest of your day. It is perfectly suitable for both children and adults, making it an optimal family choice.

It can also be used to transform everyday recipes to tasty dishes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Every scoop is guaranteed to fill you up with nourishment!


Pasteurized Skimmed Cow’s Milk and Butter Milk (spray dried-medium heat), Vegetable Fat (palm oil), Sucrose, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3.

Average Composition Unit Per 100G of Milk Powder Per 32G of Milk Powder
Energy kj/kcal 2100/500 672/160
Protein g 23.5 7.5
Lactose g 37 11.9
Sucrose g 2 0.6
Vegetable Fat g 28 9
Vitamin A IU/RE 2000/600 640/192
Vitamin D IU/µg 400/10 128/3.2