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Dano UHT Full Cream Milk - Dano Milk Nigeria
Dano UHT Full Cream Milk
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Dano UHT Full Cream Milk

It is a rich tasting, creamy and high-quality milk that contains approximately 3.5 fat. It offers the complete goodness of cow’s milk.


Our UHT Milk is quite simply all the natural goodness, vitamins and minerals of fresh cow’s milk squeezed into one tasty pack. This makes it a naturally good source of healthy nutrition for the whole family.

It is made from fresh cow’s milk and therefore, it is naturally rich in calcium and protein. This makes our milk naturally good for everyone. Natural clacium strengthen bones and teeth whilst the protein boosts healthy growth and helps building and maintaing a strong body

Energy kj/kcal 274 549
Protein G 3.4 6.8
Glycaemic Carbohydrate G 4.9 6.8
Of which Total Sugar G 4.9 9.8
Total Fat G 3.6 7.2
Of which Saturated Fat G 3.2 5.0
Dietary Fibre G
Total Sodium mg 50 100
Vitamin B2 mg 0.17 0.34
Vitamin B12 µg 0.5 1.0
Pantothenic acid mg 0.36 0.72
Biotin µg 3.5 7.0
Calcium mg 120 240

UHT Full cream milk. 3.5{980066094ae749c80467d3e3a0f917a4a034c49069120b8d74f6181207b413b4} fat.


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