Milk with a Touch of Excitement

It’s okay for every milk lover to want a little more.

That’s why we’ve made available a way to add some excitement to your milky experience – with the taste of Dano Flavoured Milk.

It’s the same nutritious milk, with a flavour to savour!

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Do More with Dano Flavoured Milk

Dano Flavoured Milk dissolves well in either hot or cold water and is great for adults and children who need the energy, excitement and nourishment either at breakfast or at any time of the day. You and your family can enjoy this awesome blend of great-tasting milk, with natural flavours, in various exciting ways.

It can be taken as a chilled or warm beverage, it can be added to cereal or even in your baking to give it flavour.

Every scoop is full of rich, flavoured goodness your tastebuds will never forget, whether it’s a glassful or in a meal/treat.


Filled powder (Skimmed milk, Buttermilk, Vegetable oil), Soy lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Cocoa, Salt, Sugar, Flavourings (Chocolate, Vanilla), Stabilisers (E466, E469, E412, E415, E407).

Average Composition Unit Per 100G of Milk Powder Per 32G of Milk Powder
Energy kj/kcal 1800/430 270/64
Protein g 9.9 1.5
Carbohydrates g 69 10
Fat g 12 1.8
Vitamin D IU/UI 145/3.7 22/0.56