Milk for the Fit-Fam

If you have an active commitment about your fitfam journey, but would rather not cut out dairy, then Dano Slim is an excellent choice for you!

It is a milk powder with added vitamins, minerals, 100% more calcium and just 0.1% fat, specially formulated for consumers who want to maximize the benefits of milk but minimize their intake of fats.

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Do More with Dano Slim

Dano Slim is a great source of go-to goodness that allows you to enjoy dairy and its many benefits with very little fat.

It is suitable for making fitfam meals and treats, and it is a reliable partner for making sure you can enjoy your oatmeal, cereal, tea, chocolate, and coffee and other ways you pair your milk without compromising on your fitness decisions.

Dano Full Cream Milk is simply fit to make or complete meals with your breakfast, lunch or dinner, or you could simply serve it ice cold in a glass, or as a hot or warm beverage,

Every scoop is a guaranteed fitfam match!


Whole Milk, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3.

Average Composition Unit Per 100G of Milk Powder Per 32G of Milk Powder
Energy kj/kcal 1500/355 420/100
Protein g 32 9
Lactose g 54 15
Milk Fat g 0.5-0.9 0.3
Minerals g 9 2.5