This World Milk Day, We Milk It to the Fullest!

Opportunities are like sunrises…

So why not take the very moment you have and make the most of it?

Just like seizing a good opportunity brings out the best of you, good quality milk also brings the best out of your favourite meals.

Take advantage of that yummy meal, that moment of love, fear, struggle, or a fresh start, and …milk it to the fullest.

Join The #DanoSipChallenge and stand a chance to win a N50,000 shopping voucher!

Here’s how to participate:

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  • Use our #DanoSipChallenge sound from one of our posts or download it from here
  • Make a video recording answering the questions
  • Share your entry via Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #DanoSipChallenge and #WorldMilkDay
  • Tag your friends to like and participate

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