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10 Ways to Surprise your Child on Children’s Day

10 Ways to Surprise your Child on Children’s Day

When it’s not a weekend or sick day, and you don’t have to wake up early to prepare your children for school— you know you’re on a holiday or it’s Children’s Day!

Everyone loves holidays, especially children. They get more time off than adults— so much that they have a day dedicated to them.

So unless you work with kids, you are usually not available to enjoy children’s day with them.

Regardless of whether you are available or not, your young ones get excited about Children’s day. Try to take time out of your tight schedule to do something wonderful for them on Children’s Day.

You don’t even have to be around to show your child that you cherish them.

We have some great ideas you can try, and most of them don’t require you to leave the house!

  1. Plan a Treasure Hunt on Children’s Day.

A treasure hunt is the perfect game for your kids if they are going to be at home and you will not be, or they get home before you.

Buy a toy or other gift (this will be the treasure) for your child before children’s day and decide on a hiding spot for your kids to discover.

A day before the holiday, stash the gift in a hiding place and write out clues to find the treasure. Leave clues around the house at night when they are asleep so they won’t figure out your plan.

In addition, keep the hiding place and clues simple. That way, it will be easy enough for your children to figure out if you’re not around at the time.

Be sure they’d be excited to find the gift at the end of the hunt!


  1. Plan a Surprise Treat

No child can resist a treat!

Treats are considered special to children, so why not give them some on children’s day?

Imagine the excitement when you take them out to have their favourite treat or have it made for them. They would no doubt feel loved and appreciated.


  1. Leave them Notes

Your children know you love them, but it makes them feel good inside when you actually tell them.

With that in mind, why not have wonderful messages for them all over the house to brighten up their children’s day?

The night before they wake up, get a pad of sticky notes and write as many things as you can. It could be as simple as “I love you” or you just tell them you’re proud of them.

You can end each one with “Happy Children’s Day” and also draw funny faces at the bottom of the note.

Stick these notes all around the house, especially the places they use, like their beds, desks wardrobe, notebooks or plates.


  1. Set Up a Movie Theatre

Children don’t get easily tired of their favourite animation shows.

Why not turn it up a notch into a special experience to celebrate Children’s Day?

Arrange your living room like a small theatre. You can even turn off the lights while the show starts, serve popcorn and give them handmade movie tickets to complete the experience!


  1. Leave a Night Surprise

leaving a night surprise is a classic gesture that has no age restriction.

You can quietly slip a small gift under your child’s pillow or somewhere it would be noticed the moment they wake up.

The gift doesn’t need to be an expensive one; it could be educational or something they’ve wanted for quite a while.

Alternatively, you can decorate their room while they sleep with their ribbons, balloons, or cut-outs of their favourite cartoons.


  1. Family Outing on Children’s Day

Going out with the family on Children’s day is definitely a great way to create fun for your children!

You can combine fun with learning by taking them to educational places such as the museum— or just let them have fun and feed their imagination.

on the other hand, you could even make it as homely as a visit to see your grandparents or a picnic full of their favourite foods to eat at a park.


  1. Organize a Family Talent Show

A talent hunt idea offers a great way for the whole family to bond.

The whole family gathers in the living room and shows off any talent they wish to. It could be singing, dancing, or a recitation.

To keep it fun, keep it free of competition by ensuring there’s no winner or loser. Also, make sure your children are the stars of the occasion and give them prizes for their efforts.


  1. King/Queen for the Children’s Day

Make your child feel extra special by treating them like royalty for the day.

Get them a crown if you can (handmade or bought), “your majesty” throughout the day and evening, and make their favourite meals.

You can even throw in the opportunity to make a (reasonable) royal request to be granted to them for children’s day.


  1. Arrange a Fancy Dress Show

Get to watch how creative your children can be with clothes and let them have a fancy dress show.

Have them wear what they like (or even your own clothes!). Let them strut around the living room with their best catwalk— while the rest of the family cheers them on!

You can make the show more fun by laying down some old clothes to make a catwalk.  Play some music and have bits of coloured paper to throw over them as they walk around.


  1. Cook their Favourite Food Together

Another way to spend a great time with your children is by letting them help you cook their favourite food on their special day.

This is a great way to teach them how to be responsible while bonding with them.

You can decide to spice up the activity by making funny pictures with slices of fruit and vegetables. you can also have them pick their favourite fruits to blend into a smoothie.

Have the whole family taste their creation and who knows? You might even discover your child’s hidden talent in the process!

You would be surprised at how a little goes a long way for a child.

To your child, having a happy children’s day is not just about what you did for them.

It is more about the thought of getting or doing something special on a day that is neither their birthday nor Christmas.

That is what leaves a lasting impression, and what makes a Happy Children’s Day!





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