Milk and some milk products are important natural sources of key nutrients, such as protein, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B12. Only one glass of milk (250ml) provides you with the daily recommended intake of Calcium and Phosphorus, respectively, and the daily recommended intake of B12 and B2, respectively.

Dano milk is an Arla brand made from high quality Cow milk and produced in world class facilities. Our company is owned by farmers, this means that we get our milk directly from the farm and we control the entire supply chain from cow to you. We do this to ensure that Dano milk products are safe, natural and highly nutritious.

Dano full cream, filled milk & skimmed milk contain essential vitamins & minerals. The difference between them is the fat content. Full cream contains fat from animal, filled milk contains fat from plant (vegetable) source while Dano skimmed milk has the milk fat almost completely removed, hence, suitable for those watching their fat intake.

UHT means ultra high temperature. UHT milk is Cow’s milk that has been processed under special heat to enable it last longer without compromising on its nutritious components.

Milk contains Casein – a protein which contains calcium. The cream in milk has some fat which is also white. The presence of casein and the cream in the milk make the milk whiter. Low and non-fat milk has less cream and may appear less white.

Your kids will be ready for their first cup of Dano milk once turned 2 years old. Infants & young children cannot handle the extra minerals, protein, and sodium present in cow’s milk, so it is recommended to wait until their second birthday.

Lactose Intolerant people have a hard time digesting the sugar (called lactose) that is naturally found in milk and may experience discomfort after consuming dairy foods like stomach aches, bloating or gassiness among many other side effects. To verify if you are Lactose Intolerant, kindly visit your doctor for consultation.

Powdered milk involves evaporating milk to dryness. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it; milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content.

Kids can benefit from the nutrients in milk such as calcium which is needed for the development and normal growth of bones in children, so Dano full cream milk or Dano filled milk is suitable for your kids.

For kids (& adults) who are not comfortable with the taste or texture of milk, they can still enjoy a source of calcium, Vitamin A, B2 & B12

  • Make hot cocoa mix using Dano milk instead of water.
  • Add Dano milk to fruit smoothies and milkshakes
  • Cook certain sauces with Dano milk instead of water.
  • Add some chocolate or strawberry flavouring to your favourite Dano milk.