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11 Fun and Active Things you can do Together as a Family

11 Fun and Active Things you can do Together as a Family

Are your kids bouncing off the walls and driving you nuts? Or are you struggling to come up with lists of fun activities to do together as a family – that will help the kids burn some energy?

Family fun activities don’t have to be expensive or complicated. The key to an active family is finding fun things to do. Families who are active together, get healthy together

Here are 11 creative, fun and healthy activities that you can engage in with your kids. Keep in mind to have fun!

1. Visit the park and roam.

Roam with your kids in places like the amusement park or a free park and permit them to run free. Indulge them in their cartoon or superhero fantasies – or whatever it is that rocks their world.

Also, pack more than enough food for the day and make it an afternoon picnic.  Engaging in physical activities can increase cravings in kids.

2. Go to the zoo.


One of the favourite things you could do together as a family is to visit a zoo. You will definitely notice the wonder and amazement in your kids’ eyes as they see an animal – especially if it’s the first time!

Watch their faces light up with smiles as they point to each animal in excitement. The experience will give your kids something to talk about for the next few weeks.

3. Go for a bike ride.

Get your family together for a bike ride and pedal around your neighbourhood. Riding bicycle is a great way for your family to spend time together and you also get a feel of your terrain, sights, and smells.

4. Go for a run

Running is a great form of physical activity that the whole family can get involved in.

It helps to develop cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. It can also improve bone strength, body image and enhance mood.

So get your comfy shoes and get running!

5. Hold a jump-rope or skipping competition.

This is an activity that’s fun and good for your family, it will help kids build bone strength and adults build cardiovascular endurance and works the hips, abs, thighs and other muscles.

Get your rope, join in and reap the benefits!

6. Take a Walk

Looking for a great way to get everyone moving or sneak workouts into fun activities?

Sometimes just going for a walk as a family can be a great way to spend time together, enjoy the beautiful scenery and get some exercise. It also offers you a chance to make special memories together.

Choose an alluring place for your walk or instead of riding to the supermarket, walk and make conversations as you head there.

All you will be needing are your feet and comfy shoes!

7. Head to the farmers market

It’s fun to walk around together, buying fresh and healthy food. It sets a great example for your kids and encourages healthy eating habits and lifestyle in them.

You can even allow them to pick their favourite ingredient.

8. Hold a dance party

It’s always nice and cosy to have some indoors activities with your family. You can loud the living room stereo and shake your body to your kids’ favourite music.

Or you can even make it some silly dance contest and make up your own rules. It’s fun either way!

9.  Reminisce old times

Reminiscing about old times like talking about past events such as family vacation or favourite childhood memory over the dinner can bring the family closer.

You can take a look back through your family photos to see what fun your family has already experienced together and watch your kids face break into a smile. It could be a funny toddler picture of one of your kids.

In case you don’t have any photos organized, here is tip; enjoy making an album together. They are treasures to look back on!

10. Play games

A family that plays together stays together!

Games are an effective tool for family communication especially board games. You will find it easy to make conversation over a board game.

Set up a relaxing atmosphere and get out those games in the closet that you haven’t played in a while. Scrabble, ludo, monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, whatever! – While laughing and sharing stories about school, work, friends and life in general.

Have some family fun!

11. Watch TV together

Watching TV together as a family can actually be a learning experience and a nice way to spend time together as a family and also increase family bonding.

The thing is, watching TV with everyone encourages communication and learning together while having fun. TV game shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire causes everyone in the room to participate in the game show. You’ll have instant discussions and fun-filled jokes while watching.

We could go on with endless lists of ways to have fun together as a healthy family but we just have to stop here. This is just to let you know how to find fun in parenting even in stressful or boring situations.

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