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9 Tricks to Becoming Consistent with your Workouts

9 Tricks to Becoming Consistent with your Workouts


If you’re new to workouts, you may find it exciting and fun at the beginning. But afterward, you may begin to feel less and less motivated to follow through with the same fitness routine that once thrilled you.

As long as your enthusiasm and energy begin to decline, you may easily get distracted because if you don’t get the desired result as fast as you hoped for – or get distracted by the things going on in your life. This, in turn, can make you inconsistent with your workout plans.

Nevertheless, a consistent routine of regular exercise remains the key to getting the desired results from workouts – look, shape and real muscle growth.

That is why it should be a lifestyle and not a phase that you just go through at some point in your life.

The more consistent you are with your routines and goals of building your best body, the better your results.

In order to break the jinx of inconsistency and finally attain your fitness and wellness goals, here are some easy tricks you should follow:

1. Do anything to keep fit

Any fitness exercise counts. It could be you enjoying the scenery, the fresh morning air, the beautiful sky as the sun rises or the quiet time of solitude. You can use any of these scenic moments to create a workout routine.

In addition, different activities like weight lifting, walking, running, tennis, cycling and aerobics classes – will leave you spoilt for choices and ensure that you can do something regardless of the time of day.

Though you may experience a higher breathing level afterwards, it’s definitely an indication that you’ve worked out to a reasonable level.

2. Consider shorter fitness routines

For some people, the belief is that you have to put in more hours to your workout in order to get in shape. For this reason, some people end up not being consistent with their work out routine.

Conversely, you don’t need to spend long hours working out in order to get that amazing body. Besides, doing too much in the beginning may cause fatigue, which may cause you to quit.

It’s best to work out for about 10-15 minutes at first, then you can increase the time afterwards. This will give you a greater chance of sticking to your workout plan for the long haul.

3. Invest in the basics of a quick at-home workout

You can stock up your house with various basic workout equipment like dumb bells or skip rope. This could come in handy on days you really don’t feel like making going to the gym. You’ll have the resources to help your workout routine at home.

4. Get a workout Buddy

Another great way to keep up with a workout routine is to get support. Whether it’s a buddy who wants to get fit or a friend who already hits the gym regularly, teaming up with a workout buddy can be helpful in motivating you.

Having a workout buddy also helps motivate your committed to your fitness plan.

5. Reward yourself

Adjusting or making changes to your lifestyle can be sometimes difficult, but a reward can motivate you and make it less tough.

Usually, it’s easier to get through things that you don’t want to do when you have something to look forward to.

Plan something like a post-workout fun – like telling yourself you’ll stop for a spa treatment on your way home from the gym, see a movie later or plan a girls’ night out for that evening. That way, the gym or workout activity will be the key to unlock the original plan that you’re actually looking forward to.

6. Dress the part

Just the way a new dress could put you in a better mood to go out, a new workout outfit can give you the same feeling when going to the gym.

Putting on the same sports outfit day after day can get dull quickly and become just another reason not to be motivated.

However, getting a new piece of sports outfit can excite you to workout.

7. Keep a log

In order to be consistent, you need to write down the things that are important to you and set a specific time aside each day for your workout.

That way, the rest of your schedule will be forced to fall in line and this time, there will no longer be an excuse for you to skip workouts.

8. Shuffle your workouts

Doing the same thing every time can get boring. Instead of working on the treadmill every morning, try a mix of fitness activities at your gym with other routines like lifting dumbbells, doing a DVD work out or simply go for a run outside.

9. Associate it with activities you enjoy

Whether it’s running right after you wake up or stretching after the shower, a daily workout activity that aligns with your pleasures and hobbies can remind you to work out regularly.

On a final note, the key to getting the desired result from a workout is consistency. So, you may as well want to associate your hobbies with your workout routine – that can serve as a trigger to get you to workout.

This is because you’re far more likely to engage in any health activity if it entails doing something you’re interested in.

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