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Breakfast: The key to Learning

Breakfast: The key to Learning

Imagine as a parent, you could give your kids something magical in the morning to make them healthy, smart and well-behaved

Well, that something is no other than the powerful meal called Breakfast.

Most parents know

“breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Yet, about 40{980066094ae749c80467d3e3a0f917a4a034c49069120b8d74f6181207b413b4} of children do not eat any or adequate breakfast before heading to school.

Breakfast positively impacts brain function and energy level. As gasoline fuels a car, food fuels a body through sugar called glucose that comes from digested food. Without enough glucose, the brain might perform slowly.

However, skipping breakfast may affect the behaviour of children – their school attendance, their school performance, and their overall development.

They become tired, irritable or restless by late morning – these symptoms lead to aggressive behaviour that causes children to get into trouble in school.

Most times kids do better in school when they have a good breakfast.

Benefits of breakfast

  • Children who regularly eat breakfast most times have more energy and have a better attitude toward school
  • Also children who consistently eat breakfast get higher scores in most academic areas.
  • Kids who eat breakfast most times meet vitamin and mineral requirements for prevention of deficiencies. They consume more fibre, vitamin C, calcium and folic acid. Unfortunately, children who miss breakfast might not make up for lost nutrients later in the day.
  • Eating breakfast helps to establish a normal and healthy eating pattern.
  • Kids are more cooperative and get along better with classmates.
  • Also, children who eat breakfast are hardly absent from school. They spend less time in the nurse’s office complaining of stomach pains.

Why do some kids skip breakfast?

  • Inadequate time
  • No appetite
  • Detest for breakfast foods

No matter what the barrier, parents can find a way around them.

Do your kids always skip breakfast? Not to worry. With these few easy tweaks to your morning routine, you should be on your way to healthy eating routine for your kids.

Be creative with your breakfast choices

Start by having him eat a small amount at first then slowly increase the amount of food he eats in the morning

You can make a high protein homemade smoothie – or blend a few bananas with your favourite Dano milk. Pour into a shake container with lid for drinking on route to school.

Also, you may want to avoid the stress of trying to get your younger kids to eat a full breakfast in the morning. Then make it fun!

A few minutes of creativity can go a long way in getting the kids to eat and leave the house with a full belly. Try cutting sandwiches or toast bread into various shapes, garnish with colourful fruits to make their meal appealing.

Prep the night before:

Getting breakfast on the table is a hassle for most busy families. Here is a tip –how about setting the breakfast table at night to make your morning a little smoother?

Make sure you’re well stocked:

No time to cook? No problem. Less time consuming foods like cereal, pap, eggs, and toast should not be a big deal to prepare for your kids.

Having your child eat a bowl of any healthy cereal is better than skipping breakfast altogether. Be sure to add some Dano milk for extra protein and calcium.

Wake them up earlier

Hectic mornings can make it uneasy for kids and parents to find time for breakfast. Waking them up just a few minutes earlier provides time to squeeze in a quick morning meal.

Have your kids complete most of their morning routines before getting to the table – so they have a little extra time between getting up and eating up.


Make it a game.

Why not make breakfast seem more fun like a game?  Give out points to those who finish their meals –and let them load up towards an ultimate prize like new plates, glasses or straws. Keep the prizes focused on breakfast to drive home the importance of the meal.

Be a Role Model

It is ideal for children to eat breakfast at home, together with their families. It encourages them to eat breakfast before leaving the house for school.

Also, when your kids see you eating a healthy morning meal, they are more likely to imitate you. Fill your plate with the same healthy foods as theirs – It doesn’t take long to prepare a nutritious breakfast for the kids and yourself.

You need to make it a priority. Once you’ve made it part of the routine, it won’t seem so hard anymore.

Watching you eat breakfast will teach your child that a healthy morning meal is an important part of the day. Don’t eat just breakfast, eat a healthy breakfast! Your child also learns what makes a meal.

So make it a habit to sit down and eat breakfast with your kids every morning.

Let them choose:

It’s so ironic how quickly moms forget that they had foods they didn’t like when they were also kids. Let your kids make a choice on the type of breakfast they want.

Relax the Rules:

Eating in the car or in front of the cartoons aren’t the greatest options in the world. But sometimes we just have to relax the rules for the sake of your kid’s tommy.

This doesn’t make you a bad mom; it makes you a practical one.

By ensuring our kids eat breakfast that is nutritious, we also nurture strong minds and provide them with the best chance of success possible.

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