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How To Start Your Day The Right Way

How To Start Your Day The Right Way

The way you start your morning can determine how the rest of your day will go.

Sticking to a solid routine of activities after stepping out of your bed allows you to set up a successful pace for the hours ahead.

Life would definitely be easier if you always woke up feeling ready to face the day. However, like most things in life, having a fruitful start to the day begins with good habits. Simple morning habits can boost your emotional wellbeing and resilience.

A morning routine can be anything you want it to be; so you need to craft appropriate morning rituals that maximize your energy, productivity, and creativity all day long.

To start your morning on the right foot, here are some easy steps for your mornings to have an ultimate high-energy day:

Be thankful

Gratitude is easy to advise and ‘talk about’, but it is difficult to do consistently. Proper perspective needs to be applied to put it into practice. Whether for experiencing the dawning of every beautiful day, quality time with your family, or the smell of spice and aroma from your kitchen, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

People who express gratitude for what they have are also more hopeful towards life. Having a heart of gratitude boosts self-confidence, strengthens resilience, and improves our overall health and wellbeing.

Research proves that if a person takes the time to express a heart-felt appreciation for something that has been done, it boosts the person’s spirit, passion, and purpose. Thankfulness builds self-confidence, self-esteem and an entire self-image, with a renewed energy and motivation to work harder.

It’s important to do this so that you can sort your priorities and keep your mind on the bigger picture, rather than nit-picking and getting caught up in small and distracting things. So before you get out of bed, think of three things in your life you’re grateful for, say a prayer and tell us how it feels.

Wake up at the same time everyday

As the saying goes, “consistency is key”; therefore, to make a good lifestyle habit, it’s important to maintain the same schedule of waking up at the same time of the day for all seven days of the week.

From the scientific point of view, your body follows a ‘Circadian Rhythm’ which is commonly referred to as your “internal clock” or “body clock”. This Internal Clock helps to regulate your level of sleepiness and alertness over a 24 hour period.

If you struggle with energy, motivation, poor eating habits or ‘finding the time’ to workout, this may be the cause. You need to get yourself to wake up and sleep at a consistent time every day in order to sync your body with a daily schedule (including weekends!).

With proper routines, time to prepare healthy meals, strict work schedules and a regular exercise time, your results will be highly evident, with a better hormone level, body temperature, metabolism, and immune system.


The benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. The same way vehicles are designed to move are the same way human beings to designed to move. Just as vehicles develop faults from not being used, lack of exercise could be deteriorating to our health.

When it comes to exercise, every little bit of routine counts. You can spare 5-10 minutes to get your body and heart pumping with some quick workouts. In the comfort of your room, you could do 1 minute of either push-up, sit-up, crunches and other routines to get started.

A morning run also makes you more alert, which in turn results in higher productivity and focus. It completes the task of calorie-burning in an even better way by kick-starting your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Your body needs to wake up as well as your mind; a quick exercise does not only reduce the weight of the body, it also gives strength, stability and centeredness.

Pre-breakfast boost: water

Drink a full glass of water first thing once you wake up in the morning. Our bodies can naturally become dehydrated after night’s sleep. You would have lost moisture with each breath since water moistens oxygen for easier breathing.

The first thing drinking water will do is provide your cells with much needed hydration. It will make you feel more refreshed and help you have more natural energy though out the morning.

Eat a balanced breakfast

One of the most prevalent questions people ask is “What do I eat for breakfast?” as the popular saying goes “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The importance of breakfast everyday needs to be known by everyone.

Breakfast helps you control that blood sugar which helps control your mood and energy during the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day and promotes weight loss by maintaining blood glucose levels and body metabolism.

Breakfast helps you maintain a healthy body weight, as a good breakfast prevents you from snacking on sugary and unhealthily snacks before lunch. It makes you feel so much better as you are well loaded with energy and nutrients that lead you to increased concentration and productivity.

A perfect breakfast combination would be carbohydrates, protein and a little bit of good fat. Stick to a breakfast high in nutrients that boost your energy and help you feel fuller longer. Try pairing your food with fruits or veggies to help gradually digest your breakfast and keep you energized until lunch.


Starting our days the “right way” is the key to having a lifetime of days that are relaxed and happy. By just implementing a few of these tips, one habit at a time, you will soon find yourself looking forward to starting the day.

Having good days is a decision that we make every day before we even walk out the door. Choosing to start your morning with healthy, grounding habits puts you in the driver’s seat, and in a good place for owning the rest of your day.

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