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Celebrating your baby’s first birthday

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday

Your little baby whom you nursed, cuddled and held on your lap will be turning one already.

Wow! They grow up so soon!

The thought of organizing your baby’s first birthday party may take a toll on you as a parent. Regardless, a baby’s first birthday is an event all parents look forward to. It’s a time to reminisce about the wonderful journey your baby has taken you on during the past year.

However, your baby’s first birthday celebration is bound to be special, despite the fact that your baby won’t remember this party, and may even be overwhelmed by it.

Still, that doesn’t mean you and others in his life can’t all have fun!

These few tips we will be providing will reduce stress and allow you happily revel your baby’s first birthday celebration – and will ensure your baby, family and guests all have a terrific experience.

Here are some tips to make your baby’s first party a smashing success!

  1. Keep it simple

You should always consider your baby’s personality, a 1-year-old may be overwhelmed by a large crowd of well-wishers and will want a lot of your undiluted attention.

So it is advisable you keep it small and simple because your child won’t know the difference between a huge party or a few family members and friends.

Where to party

Home is usually the easiest place to host a first birthday party, and it’s where your baby will feel most secure.

Whether you intend to celebrate at home or not, your choice will also indicate the kind of activities you can plan, the appropriate menu and theme – to add a cute little touch to your baby’s birthday.

Expect the unexpected

Expecting a hitch or surprise will eliminate a great deal of pressure. From uninvited guests to your child’s frantic crying.

Allow your friends to give you some help or assistance over small party chores – such as setting the table or arranging balloons. It will allow you to have more time to enjoy the day and the ability to laugh at little flaws that only you can notice.

Party-proof your house

Take a minute to survey the area where you’ll be hosting the party because many of the babies in this age range are still toddlers.

So, baby-proof a play zone filled with age-appropriate toys for your little guests, set chairs around the zone for parents to relax and remove fragile objects. It will grant you and the young guests a worry free party – and prevent an embarrassing or upsetting accident.

Birthday Decorations

Hang paper airplanes made from coloured paper and colourful balloons from the ceiling for a beautiful effect. By using two to three different colours, you and your baby will have fun with colour combinations. Your party will also look colourful in pictures.

The duration and the perfect time to celebrate

Is your baby more alert and cheerful in the morning? Well, you will also need to consider this during the event.

Babies get easily distracted and run out of energy and interest quickly. Plan the party for when baby is more alert or isn’t tired.

The important thing to remember is that you should try to follow his routine so he can be at his best on his birthday.


It’s important to make the birthday activities fun if you just want your child to be entertained. It’s advisable you focus on activities suited to his needs and games he will enjoy – like finger paint, blowing soap bubbles, a dance between parents and children or inflating colourful balloons.

Also, don’t forget to let him play with the wrapping paper after opening presents. This can actually interest him more than the gifts themselves!

What should you serve?

Menu! Menu! Menu!!!

Younger children will probably eat very little and most food will likely end up on the floor.

So, you may want to aim for finger foods with a variety of tastes and textures like – small chops, pastries, and anything they can eat with their little hands without interrupting play or socializing.

Remember to also cater for babies with few teeth and the toothless ones, like serving them cut-up fruit and pasta spirals.

As for beverages, you can have water, milk, and fruit juices for the kids, – mineral water and sodas for the adults.

The cake and the cake smash!

Imagine a colourful and beautiful cake that your baby will devour with excitement, joy and a lot of messiness?

Interestingly, this has been an American first birthday tradition for some time that has recently become popular here.

So here’s the idea, in addition to the real first birthday cake, there is a smaller decorated cake put in front of the birthday child – and they’re given freedom to make a grab for it, stick their hands or faces and smash it to their heart desire.

Making an almighty mess and pure photo opportunity! But it’s actually beautiful.

Importantly, don’t let your baby get too close to the candle as he’ll want to grab it, not blow on it.

Get smiling! Get snap happy!

Who doesn’t like to look back and reminisce about special events?

You could ask a friend or family member to be your photographer, thank goodness there are smartphones that can take beautiful pictures – if you can’t find a digital camera handy.

Consider putting a memorable touch on that day with some funny, candid photos – such as wearing party hats, making faces, eating cake with lots of laughter.

Create memories for yourselves, and you can also take photos that you and your child can look back on. They will be a treasure!

Don’t forget to add some special and personal traditions associated with their birthday like telling them their birth stories or marking their growth. They will grow to love and cherish it and always look forward to their birthdays.

Happy first birthday, Baby!

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