Miracle Milk

Miracle Milk
November 23, 2016 Dano Milk Nigeria
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It started out like any other morning; got out of bed, woke my 4-year-old daughter for school, made breakfast, the usual. I left her with her cereal made with DANO milk while I went to shower and get ready for work.

When I was finished, I went to the kitchen to check on my daughter. By now she was done eating and was jumping up and down. This is not unusual; she sometimes gets bursts of energy immediately after breakfast.
“Mummy, mummy!” she shouted excitedly. “Yes, baby?” I responded.
“I’m growing taller!”, “Sure you are, baby” I was busy looking for the car keys.
“Mummy come and measure me. Come!” she pulled at my sleeve. “Ok, ok, ok”. There’s no point arguing with her when she gets this way.
I followed her to the wall where we mark her height every week. I made a show of lining her up against the wall and living a mark where the top of her head reached now. When she stepped away and met an incredible sight. There were at least 1.5 inches between her height now and the mark from a week ago!
I picked her up & twirled her around the room excitedly. I couldn’t believe my daughter was growing so fast. Then, of course, there came the fear that she was growing way too fast. Then she said 5 words that felt like a splash of cold water in the face, “I like my new shoes.”
I’d forgotten to take the shoes off before taking her height!

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