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15 clever ways to sneak in a workout at the office

15 clever ways to sneak in a workout at the office

Your 24 hours a day doesn’t seem like enough time for you to fit in work and a workout routine? Fret not!

Who says you can’t stay in shape and do your job at the same time? Your fitness routine doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym alone.

There are clever ways you can stay in shape and do your job at the same time. The more you are fit, the less you are stressed and the more positive attitude you have when at work.

So, instead of spending your working hours sitting the desk, looking at computer screens and eating lunch at the desk. Here are 15 clever ways you could sneak in a workout as you work.


  1. Deliver it in Person

A few minutes of movement around the office could help you burn calories and restore your energy. So, instead of sending an important document or memo via mail or messenger service, you can take a walk and deliver it in person.


  1. Make Your Lunch Break Count

Make use of your lunch break to incorporate a workout into your work schedule. You can divide your lunch break taking a walk half the time and spending the rest half to enjoy your lunch.



  1. Stand More

Standing can help prevent you from being fatigued and having a postural effect of sitting for too long.

When making or receiving phone calls, you can get up from your seat and move around.


  1. Run in a Spot

A few minutes of running in a spot in your office or cubicle is a cardio that will get your heart pumping and will also restore your energy levels.



  1. Drink More Water

Drinking enough water will help to reduce fatigue and keep your body working. Ensure to drink at least half a litre of water every hour and refill your bottle regularly. It’s a good way to keep your metabolism working well.


  1. Squat

Take a moment to get in a few sets of squats during your working hours, you can do them anywhere in the office. They’re a great way to fit in a lower body workout.


  1. Stretch

Get up from your desk and spend 5 minutes stretching every hour. The more you stretch, the more flexible your joints become. Moreover, stretching will also reduce your risk of having lower back, hip, and knee pains.


  1. The Seated Reverse Crunch

This type of routine is easier than the normal crunch. Here, you have to scoot towards the edge of your office chair and place your hands on the armrests. Keeping your back straight, bring your knees together and slowly lift your feet off of the ground and bring close to your chest as you can. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower your feet to the ground. Repeat as much as you’d like!


  1. The Seated Leg Raise

While you are sitting in your office chair, easily straighten out one or both of your legs and hold it in place for five or more seconds. Lower your legs without letting your feet touch the floor. Repeat this routine for like 15 times back and forth.



  1. The Office Chair Dip

Sit or stand with your back on the edge of your desk. Place both of your hands on the side of your body and grip the edge of the desk behind you.

Firmly place your feet on the floor, take a step or two away – and then straighten your arms to lift up your body.

Slowly bend your arms at a 90-degree angle so your body dips down. Do this repeatedly


  1. The Bicep Curl

Work your biceps using a heavy stapler or a filled water bottle. While seated or standing, hold any of the objects in one hand with your palm facing upwards. Start from your thighs, bend your elbow and curl your arm up towards your chest as if you are lifting a dumbbell. Hold a bit, then lower the object back down. Do this repeatedly then switch sides.


  1. The Desk Pushup

This is actually a slanted push-up. Begin by placing your hands on your desk and feet on the floor, tilt your body towards your desk until your chest touches the edge, then push yourself back up to your starting position.


  1. The Heel Raise

Do this routine while standing or sitting with your feet placed flat on the ground. Slowly lift your heels off the floor as high as you can until you are on your toes. Do this repeatedly on both legs, it will help strengthen the calf muscles and relieve you of aches in your ankles.


  1. Shoulder and Neck Stretches


Sit facing forward and then turn your head to the left while turning your torso to the right. Hold this position for five seconds. Repeat this routine by turning your head right and your torso left and hold for 5 seconds.


  1. Back Workout

Lower back pain is a major side effect of sitting most of the day. So sit up straight. Shrug your shoulders lifting them up, trying to touch your ears with them. Hold the position for five seconds and then push your shoulders down while holding your head straight. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.

We hope these few routines at work can make a huge difference in your overall fitness. Try them and you’ll see results in no time.

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